Who the hell is Lisa?

For my entire life, people have thought my name was Lisa.  I understood it when I was a child because my best friend’s name was Lisa and we spent all our time together.  We were the same height but aside from that, we looked nothing alike. That small detail didn’t seem to matter to the hundreds of people who thought we were twins or thought my name was Lisa too.

Now, it makes no sense at all.  I hardly even see her now and no one here knows her.  So, why then, do people still think my name is Lisa?

Do I look alike a Lisa?  So, I go to this local nail salon , you know the type, very cheap, oddly named, not too clean and seemingly open 24 hours a day.  I go there because there is good parking out front and hardly ever a wait.  I have been going there for years.  All of the sudden,  the owner started to call me Lisa.  I wasn’t sure she was talking to me the first few times because there is very little if any conversation with the customers and it doesn’t matter who you are, you are just   ” next,  pick a color.” 

I did my thing and when I was leaving, she said, ” Thank you Lisa.”  I was running out the door, so I didn’t think I heard her correctly.  The next time I came in, she called me Lisa again.  This time, I was sure she was talking to me but I didn’t want to correct her because I was late as usual and wanted to be taken ” next.”  I read my magazine and played along and got out the door in 20 minutes.  However, this has now gone on for months.  I have even started paying with my credit card ( with my real name on it) thinking she might notice the name.  Obviously, she  really doesn’t care about me fraudulently using Sheri-Rose Rubin’s credit card!

At this point, I have been called Lisa for months.  I even answer to “Lisa” when she calls my name.  I am not entirely sure why I didn’t correct her, it just seemed like too much trouble and she she seemed so happy to call me Lisa, I didn’t want to disappoint her.   I really don’t care less what she calls me as long as I am next. 

But now, I think I have to stop going there.  It seems easier than correcting her at this point.  What if lots of people who know me are in there and hear her calling me Lisa and me actually answering to that name?  

Maybe my name actually is Lisa and I have been calling myself the wrong name all this time?  

Oh, the problems I have!

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