Me, me, me and my blog

For years, I have written this blog, sometimes regularly, sometimes not so much… In fact, I was surprised to find out that this nonsense has been going on for about five years.  I write when I have nothing else to do or when I have too much to do, but whatever the reason, it always makes me happy…

As all good procrastinators, I also read a few other blogs- particularly one about a boy with CP named Max, oddly enough, written by a mom with whom I have lots in common.  I have tried a few times to befriend her, but for some reason she doesn’t seem to see as much value in that as I do and blew me off.  The other blog is about a family who has a daughter with Down’s Syndrome, but really it’s just about how perfect and wonderful and beautiful and crafty the mom/photographer’s life is.  I read these two because I am ridiculously jealous that they both have become well known published writers because of their blogs.  They have insane followings and all kinds of wonderful things happen to them because they write.  I want to be them…

However, since they are already taken, I have no choice but to be me.   From today on, my blog will be found at Please visit often, bookmark it, comment on it, pass it along.  I love everyone who reads this blog, all three of you!

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1 Response to Me, me, me and my blog

  1. Rhonda S. says:

    Hey there, just stumbled across this blog! It’s great to read your witty and insightful posts. Here you mention your interest in the CP blogging community – if you want, check out theCerebral Palsy Family Network website. They have an entire blogging section, and their facebook page features a number of different bloggers who either have CP themselves or are affected by CP in some other way. Anyway, it sounded like the kind of thing you might be interested in. Keep up the blog! Good luck to you and your family!

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