WordPress says I should have an “About” page and since I think a few people have clicked on it and it said nothing, one might assume that I am all about “nothing.” While I might not actually know what I am about, this blog is mostly about raising a child with a disability. Not just any child… my child!

I am a middle-aged -ish married woman with two kids. I am married to the person in this blog referred to as “Hun” and have been with him since we were 15 years old. We adopted our daughter, Sophie, from an orphanage in Moscow when she was 18 months old.   She is smart and funny and beautiful. We adopted our son Max here in New Jersey.  He is also smart and funny and beautiful and has Cerebral Palsy.  That being said, if you read, and I hope you do, you will find a telling of things that go on in my life.  This is a life where sometimes things happen that I wish didn’t and sometimes things happen that I could have only imagined in my happiest dreams.

I call this blog “wearingcostumes,” but it isn’t because I have some weird fondness for Halloween.  When I began writing, Max was about two years old and obsessed with wearing a different superhero costume everyday.  Those costumes got us through some pretty dark days with smiles on our faces and I am forever grateful for the power of imagination.

I hope that in writing, these events are given a sort of permanence that daily living doesn’t afford us. I hope that in reading, you get whatever you are looking for.


2 Responses to About

  1. Michelle says:

    I was reading through your blog and thinking, “She looks so familiar”, then it donned on me….Max….interview…..Feldenkrais. I have literally watched your video regarding your experience with Feldenkrais a dozen times. For the last year we have been traveling down to NJ for therapy. I don’t see your e-mail on here anywhere so I was hoping you would shoot me back a reply to my address so that I could ask you a couple questions. Really enjoying your blog….thanks!

  2. longtime friend says:

    Start writing again!!!


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